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Le Hub Bpifrance is a capability-driven accelerator exclusively dedicated to supporting companies backed by Bpifrance Investment. Fully reshaped in 2019, our core mission is to build and back the growth of Bpifrance portfolio by providing valuable and operational support.

Thanks to both hands-on approach (pre-revenue, seed and Series A) and on-demand expertise (Late Series B & Large Venture), we aim at bringing impactful and sustainable improvements to ventures and help them reach their next relevant operational milestones: whether it’s organic growth or a next funding round.

This potent mix combined with a unique set of resources underpins our highly operational approach to investing and supporting startups.


Les conditions d'éligibilité

Être investi par un fonds d'investissement de Bpifrance (véhicules de Digital Venture, Large Venture, etc.)


Le processus de sélection

Être investi par un fonds d'investissement de Bpifrance (ex : véhicules d'investissement de Digital Venture, Large Venture, etc.)


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Agricool, Kalray, Vekia, Cybelangel, MeilleursAgents, Launchmetrics, Dcbrain, Blueboard, Implicity, Igyxos

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